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FreePixel: Forging New Paths in Microstock Industry with Human-AI-Inspired Custom Templates

FreePixel, the microstock platform powered by advanced Generative AI, is pioneering tailored web and print templates. Our vision entails users outlining their requirements, with our AI set to craft precise templates. This streamlined process promises to enhance web and print projects with unparalleled accuracy and ease.

1. Microstock Platform

FreePixel offers a vast collection of assets, including photos, vectors, 3D images, and illustrations. With its intuitive interface and robust features

2. Over One Million Assets

With a freemium approach, offers over a million assets, including templates, vectors, photos, PNG images, 3D images, and SVGs, all available for free download.

3. Generative AI  Templates

FreePixel's vision is to create an AI-powered platform that provides users with Human-AI collaboration to generate accurate and impactful templates.


Streamlined Solutions: Empower Your Projects with FreePixel's Integrated Features

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Unblock the potential of your business with FreePixel Gen-AI Powered Meta Data Platform


FreePixel Meta Data Platform sets the standard for metadata generation, automates the process of generating metadata such as titles, descriptions, and keywords from images. Users can seamlessly embed this metadata directly from the platform into their images.

Gen AI Meta Data App

Experience unmatched efficiency with's metadata app. Achieve precise meta data of images with a 100x performance boost over manual methods.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to upload images from various sources including Dropbox, Google Drive, or directly from their computer. The platform supports integration with popular microstock platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Depositphotos, Dreamstime, Freepik, and many others.

Image Classification

Image classification

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Color Histograms
Shape Features
Texture Features
Object Detection

Image to Meta Data

Image Upload Icon Pixel AI Tech

Upload Image

Users can select from various sources including their computer, FTP, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Admin tools simplify the upload and download processes, ensuring seamless management of digital assets be it PNG. JPG, EPS, SVG..

Generate  Meta Data

When an image is uploaded to FreePixel AI platform, advanced generative AI algorithms immediately commence analysis, extracting intricate details such as objects, colors, textures, and context. Leveraging cutting-edge deep learning methods like convolutional neural networks (CNNs), the system meticulously dissects the image data to derive relevant features.

Submission & Security

Content Distribution

FreePixel's AI cloud service enables seamless uploading of images to multiple Microstock sites directly from the platform.

Enhanced Security

We prioritize your security by not storing any  credentials. All data and credentials are securely stored within your personal Dropbox account, encrypted credential storage is optional.